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Application Deadlines

The 2018 Board of Directors meetings will be held in February, September and December.

Deadline 3

September 5

Deadline 4

November 28

Letter of Intent

To be considered for a grant from the Thomas C. Ackerman Foundation, an organization must initially submit a Letter of Intent online. Complete the online form below.

The Letter of Intent may not exceed three (3) pages in length.

Specific guidelines for application eligibility apply to any program or organization that wishes to submit a Letter of Intent. In order to submit this online form, “Yes” must be checked in all three (3) of the Organization/Program eligibility boxes below.

The specific guidelines regarding eligibility are as follows:

1. The organization supports or operates a formal classroom K-12 education program, of which the primary purpose, curriculum, or object emphasizes the teaching of mathematics or the sciences and/or the appreciation of or development of skills related to art and/or the performing arts and music.


The organization operates a formal program or series of programs that promote community development and job creation as well as the alleviation of afflictions resulting from illness, age, and economic condition.

2. The organization has been established and operated within San Diego County for more than one year and has not been funded by the Thomas C. Ackerman Foundation within the last 24 months.

A Letter of Intent submitted by an organization or on behalf of any program that the Foundation, in its absolute discretion, determines for any reason not to be eligible, will be rejected without notice.

Organization and/or Programs are located in San Diego County:
Organization has received tax exempt status from IRS and applicable state income tax authority:
Organization/Program fully meets the eligibility guidelines set forth above:
Complete name of Organization:
Contact Name:
Email Address:
Tax Identification Number:
Project Title:

Your organization's mission and related programs:

The need your organization wishes to meet and what makes it unique:

A general description of the project and how you will conduct the project:

Describe metrics for measuring outcomes of the project and describe measurable outcomes achieved to date:

The amount you intend to request:

The approximate total project cost:

Other sources of funding (committed and applied for):

The fit you see between your organization and the Thomas C. Ackerman Foundation:

Latest Form 990 (Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax) in PDF only must be attached to this application (max 2Mb):